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Pierce Vision Specialists
3626 South Avenue - Springfield, MO
Open Monday - Thursday 8:30 to 5
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We receive numerous testimonials from parents and patients themselves about our vision therapy programs. What do parents say? Here are some comments prior to vision therapy:

-“…she was trying so hard but the grades didn’t show it.”

-“…had seen other eye doctors for issues, we were told nothing could be done or he’ll outgrow it.”

-“…hates to read/thought he was dumb. We started with a child that was frustrated and angry.”

After Vision Therapy:

-“Homework is no longer a fight.”

-“…now likes to try new things.”

-“We see so much improvement. He’s a different child now.”

-“…reading above grade level now/reads for pleasure/positive impact on every area of her life/enjoys school now”

-“Don’t wait..Do it now!”

-“How I wish we’d known—we would have started sooner.”

-“Noah hated reading. He had so much difficulty with it, he would not try. In 1st grade his reading level was lower than kindergarteners. Now after VT he reads at the top of the class and LOVES to read! He reads everything—going to the store can be a “nightmare” as he stops to read EVERY label he sees! The VT experience has been amazing and I am very glad we found this program.”

-“Bailey came to vision therapy having already done Sylvan and still struggling. It was nice to finally find out that it was her eyes that were making school so difficult. Bailey had worried that she was going to be held back in fourth grade but passed the test to go on to fifth. We are so thankful we figured out the problem behind her problems. “

-“Bradley was dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury due to a concussion. He had always been an “A” student but wasn’t able to read a book or do the normal high school work. We took him to other doctors and he was told his vision was great, so why was he still having these problems over a year after his accident? After one exam here it was explained that his brain wasn’t “talking” to his eyes properly and he had very poor visual fields. What a strong and tough 16 year old, trying to get his eyes to work right. After 30 weeks he has completed the program and can read books, sheet music, complete his assignments and his overall joy for life has come back. I tell every parent or relative of a child who has received a concussion to come to Pierce Vision and get them checked out because it is not worth going through what Bradley did if you know there are people that can help! I can’t say it enough how grateful we are!”

What do kids say?

-“I love Vision Therapy”

-“It used to take me about an hour to read a book. Now I can read one in a snap!”

-“Thank you for making my life easier.”

-“I feel more confident.”

-“Therapy is fun!”

-“After VT I feel like I’m ready for anything!”

-“I saw double and Math was hard-the numbers would move on the page. They taught me to see better.”

-“Life stinks when you don’t have good vision.”

–teenage girl -“I’m no longer missing the tennis ball.”

–high schooler -“When I first started therapy, I sometimes skipped small words and confused words that were similar. I had trouble telling depth. I often saw two of things. After I finished therapy I stopped seeing two of things, stopped getting words confused, and could determine depth much better.”

-“School was HARD for me. My favorite subjects were Art and P.E. because I didn’t know how to read or write. After going to Vision Therapy I was able to get A’s and B’s on spelling tests. Now I have confidence in myself. I push myself really hard every day because now I know I can do it. I will always hold a special place for Dr. Pierce in my heart.”