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Pierce Vision Specialists
3626 South Avenue - Springfield, MO
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Vision Therapists
Marcia’s experience goes back more than thirty years. She graduated from Southern California College as an optometric technician, and then pursued an interest in special education as an aide. At that same time she was asked to work part-time under the tutelage of a doctor and an Occupational Therapist in the vision therapy department of a large office. A son with amblyopia gave her the added experience of being the parent of a Vision Therapy child, the dedication it takes doing exercises at home, and the emotional satisfaction of seeing the benefits. Working part-time as a therapist began and increased to full-time when children were no longer home schooling. She currently enjoys her grandchildren, gardening, 5-K’s, and the “great outdoors” only slightly more than she enjoys her time spent here helping people improve their vision.
Megan is from Rogersville, MO. She graduated with honors from Missouri State University, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. After working with children of all ages for many years, she sought out a position as a vision therapist after witnessing the positive impact it had on her students. She has now been working with Dr. Pierce for over ten years, with a particular interest in learning-related vision disorders and vision development. Megan loves spending time with her husband and their two dogs. She enjoys hiking, movies, and anything that allows her to show her creative side.