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Pierce Vision Specialists
3626 South Avenue - Springfield, MO
Open Monday - Thursday 8:30 to 5
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There are a wide variety of contacts on the market today. Not everyone has experienced success when trying contact lenses, or may have been told they cannot wear contacts at all.

We have access to specialty lenses, from custom soft lenses to hybrid (mix between hard and soft lenses) that are designed to fit the most complex of eye conditions and prescriptions.

Patients are experiencing success with contacts, and in some cases they are seeing clearer than with their glasses. Some eye conditions that we are able to address with specialty contacts are:

-High amounts or irregular astigmatism -Keratoconus (irregularly shaped and thin cornea)
-Patients requiring bifocals, wear reading glasses, or take their glasses off to read near print -Cosmetic colored lenses
-Functional colored lenses for patients with iris syndromes causing blurred vision and/or sensitivity   to light
-Aphakia (those patients born without an internal lens-resulting in extremely thick eye glass   lenses)
-Patients that have had corneal surgery, refractive surgery or corneal transplants

-Patients requiring artificial pupils or who may have iris deformities